Group Masterclasses

Time to let go of fear and transform the way your team sells forever

Who is it for?
  • New franchisees
  • Finance experts (accountants, FDs, bookkeepers)
  • Technical service providers
  • Internal staff where selling is part of their role
  • Trainers, coaches and consultants
  • Therapists
  • Network marketers

Group Masterclasses – with Jackie Jarvis

If you’re looking for the personal touch, Jackie also provides group ‘natural selling’ masterclasses designed for specific niche service providers all who need to sell but don’t think they can. Your ‘Natural Selling’ programme will be tailored to your particular niche market, organisation and specific challenges.

12 Powerful Lessons

Learn how to . . .
  1. Practice the principles of Natural Selling
  2. Build an easy, relaxed rapport
  3. Describe what you do in a way that gets people wanting to know more
  4. Understand the ‘Perfect Client’ for your solution
  5. Structure naturally effective sales conversations (boardroom to back garden)
  6. Craft exactly the right questions to ask
  7. Really listen and pick up on important values and motivations
  8. Share success stories to engage and motivate
  9. Describe what you are offering so that it is engaging for each individual
  10. Comfortably and confidently present the price
  11. Follow up, without it seeming pushy
  12. Set up review meetings to maintain and grow spend

If you wish to discuss a series of group masterclasses for your organisation please contact to arrange an initial skype or telephone conversation.

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