Time to let go of fear and transform the way you sell forever

Do you think that you are not a sales person but want to succeed in sales?

Do you want to increase your sales without being pushy?

Join me in my Natural ‘Stress-Free’ Selling online sales training series and learn the skills that you need for effective selling and transform your results!

Natural Stress-Free Selling – with Jackie Jarvis

Through my online sales training programme of 10 video lessons, templates, worksheets, action plans and a supportive private Facebook group I will guide you from where you are now to where you want to be, enabling you to win clients you want the natural way.

Part 1 – Preparing to Sell the Natural Way

Part 2 – Easy Steps to Natural Selling Conversations

Lesson 1 — ‘Sales is not a dirty word’
  • Understand what stops you selling as well as you could
  • How to change your thought processes so you can enjoy selling
  • Reset your ‘sales radar’ in a way that will motivate you
  • The simple principles and values of ‘Natural Stress-Free Selling’
Lesson 2 — ‘Connecting with the value you offer’
  • The importance of a clear purpose and how to find it (Your WHY)
  • Make the most of your passion for what you do
  • How your values can be your greatest USP
  • Uncover the greatest benefit you offer
Lesson 3 — ‘The best client for your solution’
  • How to identify your perfect client
  • Why being an expert in a niche is important
  • How to research your best niche
  • The things you need to understand about your perfect client
Lesson 4 — ‘Describing your offering’
  • How your clarity can effect sales outcomes
  • Make the elements of what you offer &how you work easy to understand
  • The power of a visual graphic to ‘show not tell’
  • How to be comfortable and confident with pricing
Lesson 5 — ‘How to create a simple sales ladder’
  • How a sales ladder builds trust quickly
  • Why structure and steps are important
  • What to include on your stairway
  • How to structure your first ‘complimentary’ and ‘paid for’ steps
Lesson 6 — ‘Powerful rapport building’
  • The keys to making an instant natural connection
  • How being present influences the dynamic of your conversation
  • Why your authentic self is the most powerful asset you have
  • Communicating quiet confidence
Lesson 7 — ‘The 6 step natural sales conversation structure’
  • What are the six steps from initial contact to conversion?
  • How missing one out can lose you the business
  • The mind-set that allows this conversation to flow
  • How to take notes and still stay connected
Lesson 8 — ‘The questions that lead to “Yes”’
  • How to craft your questions to guide sales conversations
  • The rules and practice of active listening
  • Which questions work and which don’t
  • How to summarise in your customer’s language
Lesson 9 — 'Inspire “Yes” to your solution'
  • What clients really want to hear from you
  • How to make what you offer meaningful to each client
  • How stories sell and how to share yours and make an impact
  • How to use your visual aids to enhance your message
  • How to connect with your client’s values
  • How to present the price and agree value
Lesson 10 — ‘Getting paid and securing long-term clients’
  • Proposals – what clients really want to read about
  • How to make follow up a natural part of your routine
  • Close sales comfortably
  • Tips to avoid ‘scope’ creep’
  • Ways to retain the clients you win

Where: Online, self-paced
How: Lessons, activities & worksheets
Who: New and existing business owners

What people are saying about Jackie’s courses  . . .

“I found Jackie’s sales training programme quite different to any other I had been on before. She enabled me to see that I could sell simply by being myself, despite being more of an introvert than an extravert. I have actually learnt to love selling.” – David Milnes – Kyte Mark
“We engaged Jackie to develop an effective selling e-learning course for our direct sales distributers across the world, which has now been translated into 19 different languages. It has been very well received and is helping our international team of leaders to build their network.”  – Dan Anderson CEO LEO – Learning Enterprises Ltd
“We engaged Jackie to develop a sales programme for our team of Franchisees many who had never sold before. Her natural selling course and one to one coaching built their confidence and ensured they all got off to the best start with their new business” – Amanda Hobbins – EnergyMyWay
“Jackie’s sales training workshops have really got our technical team thinking about their approach. Jackie has helped us to stand in our customers shoes and understand the best way to communicate technical information. We all find Jackie’s interactive style very stimulating and realise that we all play a role in the sales process.” – Selom Bulla – Director Preact CRM
“As a direct result of attending one of Jackie’s training programmes I was able build a really successful business. Jackie has a unique understanding of sales and marketing and has the ability to explain that to people in a way that they understand and can implement” – Jan Curley – The Foot Ambulance
“Having been a member of Jackie’s mentoring group and attended her sales training workshops I have been able to transform my sales approach. When I started I was very uncomfortable selling and now I feel completely confident and comfortable. Jackie’s style is very accessible and really worked for me.” – Heather Start – Gemelli Employee Benefits
“Jackie’s sales and marketing programme has helped me to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an author, to get my first book published and to win highly-paid commercial work” – Alan Hester, Leadership & Management Expert
“We implemented a lot of Jackie’s ideas and completely turned round our sales process and approach and the follow up alone increased business significantly” – Reg Clarke – Fine Claret Media

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