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I take a different approach to selling. I have seen too many talented professionals and business owners with great products and services prevent sales happening through lack of sales activity and poor communication.

They have lost sales that could have been won. Fear keeps getting in the way: fear of being too salesy; fear of seeming too pushy; fear of loss; fear of not being good enough. Fear of rejection.

When these fears are dispelled, you are left with a professional ‘human being’ who wants to help another to be successful. It is that ‘authentic essence’ that is the key to success.

Tailored to suit your audience

Natural Selling Talks and Workshops can be tailor-made to suit the language of the audience and the products or services they are selling.

From dislike of selling to looking forward to it

My talks are designed to turn fear into inspiration, as well as giving practical tips and take-aways which can transform sales conversations.

Ideal for:

  • Members of Professional associations
  • Professional service providers
  • Therapists
  • Coaches, trainers and consultants
  • Network marketers
  • SME business owners
  • Franchisees
Jackie Speaking at PSA

What event organisers & attendees are saying…

“Jackie can hold the attention of a hundred people in a room, before they’ve even had their morning coffee: very inspiring!”
Nicola Poole – Business Owner Hedges Solicitors

“Jackie has been a speaker at the Business Growth Show on a number of occasions and has always received positive feedback. Her talks are always full of highly relevant practical advice that is delivered in a fun, inspiring, interactive way.” Business Growth Show
“Having attended a number of Jackie’s talks and seminars, I am always inspired by her energy, knowledge and authentic passion for helping other people. Her ideas stimulated some big changes in the way I sell my services.” Helen Isacke – Leadership Coach and author of Soft Skills for Strong Leaders
“Jackie has delivered a number of talks for Business Scene and the feedback has always been excellent. She is able to engage with our business owner audience and both share practical insights as well as stimulate a different way of thinking.” Business Scene
“I have attended a number of Jackie’s talks and open workshops and I have been impressed by her knowledge, passion for what she does and down to earth style.” Cathy Dunbabin – Open Doors Network
“Jackie has been a popular speaker over the years at a number of our Chamber of Commerce events. Her talks always received excellent feedback.” Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Because Selling is Human

~ Jackie Jarvis

Inspiring Talks

How to Take the Stress Out of Selling

fear-441402_sqIf  you fear sales, you won’t be comfortable doing it, you are also more likely to avoid it altogether. This talk will show your audience how to ‘let go’ of fear and connect with a more empowering natural way of selling. A powerful, inspiring talk that will change the way you think about and approach sales.

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6 Steps to Naturally Effective Sales Conversations

walkingtalkingAll sales start with a conversation.

This inspiring talk will show your audience how, by using my 6 simple step method, it is possible to have natural conversations that make sales easy and help clients to say yes.

Learn More

Think You Can’t Sell? Think Again


I believe that everyone can sell once they change the way they think about it.

This talk inspires a different way of thinking about selling. A way of thinking that is natural and authentic. I will empower your audience to realise that they can be themselves and be successful.

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Jackie is a member of the PSA (Professional Speaking Association) and the ISMM (Institute of Sales and Marketing Management)

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